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Henry Cavill for French magazine, Twist, 2009.



Henry Cavill + Beard

*falls to the floor*

Amor a primera, segunda, tercera, cuarta etc vista! Love you H.


Super selfie


Mr. Henry Cavill and Ms. Gina Carano at the Jubilee Tour of Elegance(September 9, 2012).

A note on the last two gifs:
Gif #9 is
my appreciation of Henry’s lap.
Gif #10 is a demonstration of the way Henry caresses what he loves.

  • Henry piloted the new McLaren 12C Spider on its global debut from the Kensington Palace to the Windsor Castle, UK, as an ambassador of the “Make Britain GREAT” campaign. As part of “The Windsor Castle Concours of Elegance 2012”, the “Octane Jubilee Tour” was a car rolling showcase in celebration of Her Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee, i.e. the Queen’s 60 years as monarch, featuring an automotive icon from each year. As the latest model, Henry Cavill’s 12C Spider concluded the parade, representing 2012, the Diamond year of The Queen’s reign.

In the above gifs Henry is waiting in his Spider to enter Windsor Castle. This is the damn car.


On the same day on a TV interview he stated that he loved this ride (read: this car) and it was so beautiful and fast that…


Don’t suppress yourself, Henry.

So he took the girl, put the car in gear and off he went into the sunset.


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HENRY CAVILL with girlfriend, actress and former MMA fighter, Miss GINA CARANO, during the 18th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards held on 10th, January, 2013.

This is a joint project with my dear friend and blogger, AMANCANFLY. Check out his WONDERFUL GIF RIGHT HERE.

Henry Cavill; Gif Set

Part One | Part Two

Henry Cavill with girlfriend, actress, Gina Carano during the red carpet at the 18th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards held on 10th, January, 2013.

These two are so awkward XD I hope you enjoy Anon!


Man of Steel Henry Cavill launches the Royal Marines 1664 Challenge. More information at The 1664 Challenge.


"Of all losses, time is the most irrecuperable for it can never be redeemed."

I am watching The Tudors - all of them!


Henry Cavill on the 2nd episode of Discovery Channel adventure series Shell Helix Driven to Extremes, shot in China’s Taklamakan Desert in August 2012, to be aired on March 2013. [x, x]


[As for where he sees himself in five years,] “In an ideal world, I’d find the woman of my dreams and be married. But isn’t that everyone’s perfect plan?